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Rebecca, EXT 1474

Rebecca, EXT 1474
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Amazing. I had forgotten about something Rebecca told me would happen - until it happened, exactly like she said. How could she have known?
Beth, N.Y.

Rebecca - Psychic Clairvoyant, Medium

You'll say WOW after a reading with Rebecca! The solid proof? Rebecca's extensive and worldwide clientele, from the Prince of Saudi Arabia and his immediate family to a range of celebrities from television and film, from CEO's and CFO's managing corporations both small and large to middle America's own Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public.

Blessed with the Gift to attune her inner senses to give insight into her clients (psychic) and to attune her senses to receive insight from the Spiritual realm as well (medium and channel), Rebecca's readings are deeply perceptive, and many have remarked of the healing quality to her words.

A gifted Clairvoyant and Clairsentient she is an excellent channel for Spirit and an accurate medium for those who have loved ones that have crossed over. That her information comes from one's guardian Angels or even the brotherhood of Healers in the Spirit world is not shown by change of voice or personality, but simply by her warm compassion and the wisdom and depth of the information she conveys.

Known and loved for her ability to go right to the heart of one's issues, her sessions have garnered her quite a loyal clientele from coast to coast.

Rebecca began formally developing her talents well over 15 years ago with the study of Tarot. She quickly became a featured psychic at numerous Fairs and New Age Expos. She went on to co-host "Psychic Voyages" as seen on American Cablevision and "Turn the World Around" on FM radio in Florida. She has taught classes in psychic development and the Tarot for many years.

Certified by the American Association of Professional Psychics since 1993, readings with Rebecca are now available through our service.

"Each person is truly an individual in their energy - it is possible to tap into that to give the person a direction to follow that is uniquely theirs."

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