Powerful Cherokee Medicine Man - Speaks Spanish!

Medicine Wolf, wow. I feel very privileged to be able to talk to you. It gave me a chill and very honored feeling. Thank you.

MedicineWolf - The Psychic's Psychic

Medicine Wolf was introduced to the psychic arts by his mother, a Cherokee herbal Medicine Woman, who taught him all she knew through rigorous and nurtured training.

By her side, he learned ancient Cherokee wisdom and ways of healing, readily absorbing all she taught.

He gave his first "psychic reading" at the age of 11, and continued on to a lifetime devoted to the practice of paranormal and psychic arts.

He believes his psychic abilities kept him alive during his service in the Vietnam War; although he is disabled as a result of numerous combat injuries, his vision and intuition always led him to the way of survival.

Today, he enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge with others.

Medicine Wolf says, "One of my favorite tools is the pendulum. It has never been wrong for me yet."

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