Powerful Healer and Spiritual Coach Nanette Shows the Way to Live Your Truth!

I don't know where you found Nanette, but she is the "real deal"!
Not only was she Dead-On Accurate about what's going on in my life here & now, but she gave me information about my future that I know will help.
Now, I know there's hope.
Thank you soooo much AAPP & Nanette!!!
John K., San Diego CA

Nanette - Spiritual Coach and Healer

Nanette believes that all people seek the same thing , that which is deep peace, that which is love.

She understands that life can appear challenging at times. Her mission is to heal the thinking and restore the mind to it's natural place of serenity, stillness, and love. The rest shall fall sweetly into place.

Nanette utilizes her background and training in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, incorporating elements of Silva Mind Control, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and spiritual coaching to assist people along their journey.

Certified as a Hypnotherapist; Certification in Silva Mind Control; Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) Certification as a N.L.P Practitioner.

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