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Alex was phenomenal.
She accurately described the person I was inquiring about and the situations I'll be facing, quickly picked up on the details without me giving her any details at all.
Truly amazing, I connected with her immediately. I'll definitely call back. Everybody should be talking to Alex!
All my love to her. She's so awesome!
M. W., Florida

Alex - Psychic Clairvoyant

Alex has over twenty five years experience as a Psychic consultant to top level CEOs, world leaders and political figures in Washington D.C. and abroad.

When Alex was asked by the late Pulitzer Prize winning psychotherapist, Dr. David Viscott, to work with the Revered visionary on his television program, her odyssey as an active psychic counselor was birthed. Viscott was a firm believer in these powers, and in the existence of intuitive energy, angels and spiritual guidance. He immediately initiated a campaign to convince Alex to start using her extensive natural abilities in the psychic and intuitive realm to help others.

As the wife of a White House correspondent, Alex spent many years attending social events with heads of state, world leaders, CEOs of the world's major corporations, and political figures of international stature. Many of Washington's highest ranking dignitaries sought her help and advice.

Twenty-five years later, Alex has continued using her gift to help those seeking advice, answers, guidance and clarification of life issues and events.

"I seemed destined to mingle with amazing people who shaped the destiny of our world in many cases, and as they turned to me for intuitive consult and advice, it was not only flattering, but to have that trust placed in me taught me how seriously I must take my work," says Alex.

"It makes no difference is someone needs help with a personal life decision, or a national or international decision, you will experience my complete resources, knowledge and deepest connective energy. People would be amazed to know how many of our leaders and those with whom they are connected, believe in and trust the power of the intuitive, and use it consistently. Though I am sworn to secrecy and can never give names, and protect that trust always, I feel a tremendous gratitude to those people for believing in me. I learned about true 'grace under pressure,' and how to center and focus to provide the advice they needed. The fun bonus? GOSSIP!!"

Alex believes in open, honest, and basic communication, sprinkled with humor and encouraging inter-action at all times. "When someone has an issue they need to discuss, they don't like to be preached to. They want a connection with someone who is compassionate, understanding, who listens and is there to focus on the individual and their issues of concern." A published writer in several genres, her first novel, The Infinite, was published in 2004. Based on real events, it is the first in a trilogy. She is presently at work on the second book, After Life, slated for publication in 2007.

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