European Psychic Renowned For Accurate Predictions

Kornelia, EXT 2452

Kornelia, EXT 2452

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Kornelia was absolutely 'right on' with her prediction about my encounter and quite accurate with the timing. It doesn't get any better than that, ehh?
She is an absolute soul mate in many respects to me.
Thank you for your services and professional help.
G. N.

Kornelia - Psychic Clairvoyant, Healer

In testimony to her accuracy, Kornelia has a loyal following throughout Europe and the United States. For over 30 years she has been using the Tarot as a natural conduit for her psychic gifts.

Her readings are meaningful and filled with practical insight, guidance and direction. Not limited by the constraints of 'specialties', Kornelia helps her clients in all areas, from career to the complexities of personal relationships.

Kornelia's life philosophy is deeply rooted in Eastern spirituality. She was born and raised in Eastern Europe where her family still resides. Her parents were true seekers that inspired and taught her to be guided by the wisdom of many traditions and teachings including Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and the Kabbalah. Formal training in the symbolism and use of the Tarot and in Astrology began when she was quite young.

She is a certified Reiki Healer, and has studied various theories and practice for uncovering past life memories. She is currently working toward her certification as a Jungian analyst and will soon be ready for the Master Level in Reiki Healing.

Devoted to helping others, Kornelia also follows a daily practice of mediation and Hatha Yoga to ensure her energies are in balance for her work.

Usually available (Eastern Time) Monday - Friday from 8 PM to Midnight

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