Ready for the Truth? Clairvoyant Ron Sees The Purpose of Your Life!

Ron does best tarot & astrology readings! They are right on -- reflection of our soul pass, that sometimes we may not see clearly. He sure helps to shine light on what is, was & will be. Greatly priced too!

Ron - Intuitive Empath, Psychic Clairvoyant

Ron's readings are relevant and useful for those who feel they are repeating the same mistakes and want to change! He is an excellent listener and has a big heart.

Ron can look into the energies and possible paths opening up in your life. whether your concern is about romance, money, job, career, life purpose, or spiritual growth. Ron has read for thousands of clients and has many repeat customers.

Ron has dedicated his life to helping people find their true path. If it's needed, Ron will often 'see' the influences and lessons from any past life that is affecting one's present life circumstances; he helps reveal insights into finding your Soul's purpose and facilitate clearing 'negative' karma and old patterns. He also interprets dreams.

As a child, Ron's Grandmother recognized his natural psychic gifts and helped him use his abilities appropriately. He began reading professionally more than 30 years ago. Over the years, he has focused on the Tarot for his readings. He has given many classes and workshops on the topic and has even developed his own deck, "The Matrix Tarot for the 21st Century."

Ron's university studies were in public relations, which he put to use organizing and publicizing major events, including the Spiritual Awareness Expo that reached thousands of people, with such headliners as Dr. Bernie Siegel (author of Love, Medicine & Miracles), Dr. Brian O'Leary (author of Exploring Inner & Outer Space, and the Second Coming of Science), and Terry Cole-Whittaker (motivational speaker, "Dare to be Great"). Ron's goal is to start his own school teaching the Hermetic arts and metaphysical studies.

So if you decide to pick Ron, for the best possible reading, he asks that you take a moment to write your questions down for your own focus, go within and silently empty your mind and prepare. You don't have to tell him your questions until into the reading, after you are comfortable he is tuning in, or you can tell him your question up front. It's up to each individual. If you have no specific question and want a general reading, silently preparing by emptying your mind a little and relaxing enhances any reading.

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