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Psychic Certification: How to Apply

Submit these Required Materials to the Association for review. Mail to: American Association
PO Box 7118
Ellicott City, MD

  1. A recent photo; a copy of your driver's license or business license
  2. Letters of recommendation from at least three private clients who can attest to your psychic ability
  3. Copies of any third party accounts of your psychic ability, such as newspaper articles or press releases, proof of law enforcement or government agency work.
  4. An essay detailing how you came to develop your psychic abilities, and how you believe your unique gifts can be of service
  5. $125.00 Certification Fee.
Perform psychic consultations for three members of the Certification Committee

After your materials have been reviewed and your references checked, you will be contacted to schedule your three trial consultations. This is a process of review by your peers. Members of the Certification Committee are Certified Psychics.
Benefits of Certification

  1. Client Referrals
  2. Qualification for Telephone Counseling
  3. Merchant Account billing services for your private practice
  4. Opportunities for television / radio appearances when psychics are requested
  5. Press and publicity for your unique talents

Annual renewal requires one consultation and a fee of $75.00.