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"I had an email reading ... I am astounded by the accuracy and the time-lined predictions for my future."

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"Timothy! Finally a REAL PSYCHIC who ACTUALLY KNOWS SOMETHING FOR REAL. You're the best!"

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"I recently had an email reading. It was amazingly accurate. I purposely left out a couple of details and she picked right up on them. I'm impressed."


"Janis is just so errily accurate. There is no question she cannot answer."

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Natural born psychic. Speaks French, English, Hungarian, Romanian. Certified Reiki Healer. Known for fascinating insights. Email psychic reeadings, live psychic chat, or phone readings. Timothy is a Licensed Minister,as well as a gifted Clairvoyant and Empath. Educational background in psychology, counseling and crisis intervention.
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Amazing Psychic Medicine Man
Psychic Tarot Expert
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Email Psychic Readings.
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Email Reading - One Area of Concern: $89.90
You may ask multiple questions, as long as they all relate to one "area of concern" such as love/reltionships, or money/career.
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In Depth Email Reading - $159.90
Your reading will address many of your life's most important concerns! Uncover what you need to know to move forward, from where you are, right now. Ask specific questions or ask for a general life reading.
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  • A great value!
    Most clients tell us they get more than they expected in the way of depth and content.

  • Ask specific questions or request a general reading - the focus is up to you.

  • Your psychic will make time just for you, to meditate, tune in and focus on you and your questions.

  • No clock watching! The psychic takes as long as he or she needs to do your reading, while your cost remains the same!

  • You will receive your psychic reading by email within 24 - 48 hours, sometimes sooner.

  • If there is something in your reading that is not clear, one additional email for clarification is included at no additional cost. **

  • Major Benefit:  It is in writing! You can review the information the psychic gave you at any time simply by reading your email. Your friends don't believe your psychic predicted the new love in your life? You can PROVE it with a psychic Reading by Email.